Monday, June 02, 2008

2007 God-Out Recap

Location: METRO 53, NYC, NY
Help Make Reason a Reality!!

Come together!

The GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! is pleased to announce that the first ever GAGO was a huge success. Our biggest gains were in terms of fun, friendship and future. Hence, all goals were achieved. 

Oh, do tell, who was there??

Naturally, we could begin by dropping the names of all the fabulous famed and influential who were in attendance (and we will!) but we'd like to begin by thanking people who's names many may not know but without whom an event like this could never have happened.

We're talking about the people behind the scenes, people in the movement, young and old, whose dedication and drive makes it possible for large scale organizations to exist.

Take for example, "cultural maven", Eddie Goldman. For over 30 years Eddie has committed his life to reason, to ridding the world of delusion and to fighting for our rights--no holds barred! Eddie Goldman was responsible for getting Dr. Lydia Hartunian (Director), Dr. Michael Shermer (Speaker) and his own witty self booked on the syndicated Joey Reynolds radio show in NYC to promo the event to hundreds of thousands of people!

Then there are people like college student, Courtney Clair, who's tireless commitment to overcoming challenges in her own life have spilled over to a tireless commitment to helping others thinking critically. Without the help of Courtney and her friend, Derrick, invitations would not have gone out, myspace bulletins would not have been posted, and people would not have had the great pleasure of meeting her gorgeous, smiling face at the door!

The same can be said for college student, Gabe Hagen, who, like Courtney, is an Iowa native although now spreading his godless wings in San Diego. Gabe has pledged every wave of his energy to help make next year's party an even bigger success and this year was able to greet people at the door, make them feel welcome and comfortable in a way only a genuinely thoughtful human can. 

And what about “Alexa”? While she, like many, prefer to remain a bit more anonymous, her ability to make quick decisions, her disarming wit and her artistic talents are what allowed THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT! to have some of the most fantastic advertisements published in Reason magazine and the Village Voice!

Thank you to these people and to so many more who pitched their support in any way! 

Young and old, atheist and agnostic, even people of faith, from all over the globe (e.g., Iowa, Montana, Florida, New York, Washington D.C., Australia, Holland, Germany) were able to come together under one roof to celebrate the fact that we are not one nation under god. 

The names! The names!

First, it is with great pleasure we report Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheist, was in attendance and, serendipitously, was on the Glenn Beck show that evening! With large TV screens everywhere we were literally able to stop the show and pump CNN through the sound system to watch Ellen joust with the notoriously irrational Glenn Beck.

President of American Humanist, Fred EdwordsLori Lipman Brown, the only godless lobbyist on the planet, members of Students for Secular Alliance and the Secular Coalition for Americagraciously took the stage for a round of applause as we all had the opportunity to thank them for their relentless efforts to fight for a reason-based world! 

They were followed up by the President of Atheist Alliance International, Margaret Downey, who took the stage to remind us why we are not a “Christian Nation” and why “God” should not be on our money.

And we were only getting started! 

Before the distinguished and witty guest of honor, Dr. Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic magazine and regular contributor to Scientific American took the stage to emphasize the importance of reason and surprise some by reminding not all godless are political liberals, we were introduced to the “Singing Darwinian,” Dr. Richard Milner. With tunes like "Blues for Scopes" and a song that took us inside the mind of “Darwin's nightmare”, the crowd was able to learn yet more ways in which this good fight for reason can be fought. A godless song and dance, anyone?

And how about the funny side of atheism? With yet another ‘godless trick’ up our sleeve, comedian Joe Dixon took the stage making us laugh with tales of being a godless, African American who may find himself out of favor with some of his peers, but most definitely not is not out of favor with the committedly rational. 

Finally; Greydon Square. What can one say about a man who grew up in Compton, found his ticket out of a violent and crime-ridden community via the United States military, served two tours of duty in Iraq and now studies physics at a college in Arizona in addition to boosting his music career, except: “Wow!” and “Thank you!” The beats, the lyrics, the poignancy of it all, may bring tears to the eye, but will also leave you in awe of his brilliant insights, and make you want to dance!!

So how did it all end? Well, there was an open bar…The speakers, the entertainment, the excitement of it all—knowing that we were the ones to participate in the first ever GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT!—we're still spinning from all the fun!

So where were you? 

And where will you be next year on Saturday, Nov.15, 2008 as THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD OUT! takes the world, again, by rational storm?!


Coming to a town near you?

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